Patrick Gallagher

Producer, Videographer, Editor, Installer, Researcher, General Nerd, etc.


In addition to owning Horse Power Productions, a large part of my business has always come from my freelance work within larger production companies and advertising agencies.  I pride myself in having the combination of high-level technical skills coupled with a communication prowess which allow me to work effectively with all clients, regardless of their level of technical expertise.

Essentially, I handle all the nerdy technical details.  Then I’m able to explain it to a CEO, or Project Leader, in plain English, giving them the knowledge they need to complete their project without weighing them down with all of the technical jargon.  Typically my clients find this most appealing about me, as I’m often able to be a one-man band for technical installs, equipment troubleshooting, and field productions, saving my employers additional staff and money.

My freelancing schedule is extremely flexible for my clients convenience.  I can work at your office, your clients office, my office, or anywhere in-between.  Just let me know what you need, and we can work out the arrangement that suits you best.  Thanks so much for your consideration and I look forward to working with you!

                                                                    Patrick Daniel Gallagher

                                                                    Cell Phone: 440-476-6184




  1. -Experience with Studio and Field-based Production equipment

  2. -Experience shooting live sports, surgeries, events, training seminars, and corporate productions


  1. -Expertise working with Apple Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion

  2. -Expertise in non-linear and web-based workflows and compression.

  3. -Advanced Experience with AVID Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects


  1. -Expertise in Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote Presentation Software

  2. -Expertise in Adobe Photoshop


  1. -Proficiency with Apple and Windows based workstations including troubleshooting hardware and software.

  2. -Advanced understanding of computer networking, cloud-based computing, and online-based storage solutions.

  3. -Expertise in AV Equipment Installations and initial configurations

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Educational Background:

    Bachelor of Science (2002-2005)

    Ohio University Honors Tutorial College

    Media Production

    Master of Arts (2005-2006)

    Ohio University

    Telecommunications Management

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